About us

PDV Consultants is a team of highly experienced specialist engineers and support staff with considerable expertise in the dairy, food and biochemical industries.

More than our innovative and creative design solutions and specialist knowledge, our clients come to us because they trust us with their most challenging engineering requirements.

Our clients recognise the real value of using well-engineered food processing systems and the competitive edge it provides through cost savings, production and energy efficiency, flexibility, and complete system integration.

If you are considering an upgrade, expansion or greenfield development, PDV Consultants’ team of chemical process engineers guarantee a professional solution that is tailored to your exact process requirements.

PDV Consultants offer engineering design and project management services. We do not do turn-key projects. Instead we work collaboratively with our clients to deliver a best-practice, cost-effective solution to achieve the best outcome possible.

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Our Values

Excellence – Ensure all that we do is to the highest standard possible, including engineering solutions and health & safety practices

Innovation – Challenge the status quo, embrace change and the use of new technology

Teamwork – Work together sharing knowledge and experience to grow each other and achieve the best outcome for our clients

Fun – We enjoy our work and have fun with our colleagues and clients

Integrity – Build trust with staff, customers and external stakeholders through acting with honesty and integrity in a sustainable manner

Meet the Team

Rodney Lucas - Engineering Manager (Europe)Rodney.lucas@pdvconsultants.com

Rodney graduated from Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland with a First Class Masters in Chemical Engineering. He joined the PDV team as a student placement in 2003. Recently he has returned to the UK and is now managing the European office for PDV, servicing both Europe and North America. His knowledge base is across the entire dairy unit operations and he has managed and engineered several large projects in Europe and previously in NZ. Rodney is a keen golfer and rugby fan.

Jacus Kruger - Process EngineerJacus.kruger@pdvconsultants.comView Linkedin account

Jacus completed a Bachelor of Engineering in Food Engineering and a Master of Engineering in Bioprocess Engineering at Massey University. He worked at Fonterra Research Centre for over a year as a member of the Maintenance & Development Group where he carried out process design, project management, and drafting using AutoCad® and SolidWorks™. In 2012 he joined PDV Consultants where he has been involved in engineering design, plant and equipment layouts, project management, site supervision, plant start-up commissioning, and engineering drafting.

Jonas Hoffmann-Vocke - Senior Process Design Engineer Jonas.Hoffmann-Vocke@pdvconsultants.com View Linkedin account

Jonas is a PhD qualified process engineer with over six year’s experience in the New Zealand dairy industry. He has a background in industrial research focusing on energy efficiency, fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and process analysis. Jonas is experienced in CFD simulation of industrial fluid flows having worked on numerous projects investigating and designing process flow improvements. Through his work in industry, research, and product development projects Jonas has developed experience in mechanical design and project management.

Anne Platts - Financial & Business Manager Anne.platts@pdvconsultants.com

Prior to arriving in New Zealand Anne was a computer programmer in the Finance and Economics Unit of the Northern Ireland government. She was employed as a systems analyst for a NZ Dairy Company before having a break to be with the young family. Anne set up the company with David in 1990 and is involved in all aspects of running the business.

David H Platts - Managing DirectorDavid.Platts@pdvconsultants.com View Linkedin account

BSc. C Eng. FIChemE, MNZIFSTDavid has had a successful career in the food and dairy industries. His first employment was as a research assistant with RHM Foods Research in the United Kingdom. He was later a quality control manager responsible for monitoring of dehydration and canning of various vegetables for a Unilever company, Bachelors Foods.Since qualifying as a Chemical Engineer, David worked for over 10 years as a process project engineer for the largest dairy company in New Zealand on evaporation drying and power generation projects.To further his engineering career development David relocated to Europe where he worked for evaporator and drier supply company, Stork Friesland ( now Tetra Pak). David spent five years with Stork operating in Europe, Australia and in New Zealand. He was responsible for the technical operations of Stork Friesland in New Zealand and Australia and supervised the construction and commissioning of several major installations during this period.In 1990 David and Anne started Platts Drievap Engineering – now PDV Consultants. Due to his technical and management competence this has developed into a successful venture offering very specific and specialist solutions to the global food and Dairy Industry. David now leads a strong team of technically competent engineers.

Steve Lowe - Engineering Manager, Design and DraftingSteve.lowe@pdvconsultants.com View Linkedin account

Steve began his career in architectural design and quantity surveying with Telecom NZ prior to travelling and working for a number of engineering consultancies in the UK. Steve joined PDV as a contract CAD designer 1997. His ability to design, draft, supervise site staff and project manage installation works led Steve to join the company staff in 2002. He has been involved in the design engineering either as a lead or as a supervisor of most of the work undertaken by PDV and is a key team leader. He is experienced in the design and builds of many projects and has supervises and commissions these projects.

Gerard O’Connor - Engineering Manager (Asia-Pacific)Gerard@pdvconsultants.com View Linkedin account

Gerard has a Chemical and Materials Engineering degree from Auckland University. He initially worked for an industrial chemicals manufacturing and supply company in New Zealand and then spent 3 years working in the UK as a project and a process engineer in a large scale API manufacturing pharmaceutical plant. Gerard joined PDV in 1996 where he has worked as a project engineer, process engineer and design engineer and is now the engineering manager for PDV for the Asia Pacific region. Gerard is very experienced in all aspects of process engineering design and management. He has successfully designed and managed many of PDV’s large scale projects in New Zealand, Indonesia, USA, UK, Australia and China. His ability, knowledge and experience makes Gerard a highly valued leader within the company.